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I am your next set of eyes, ears and voice for you in the community!


I began my professional career as an accountant for 8 years splitting my time between Kraft Foods, Country Insurance, and Nestle USA before realizing that accounting and cubical life were not for me. After years of long hours meeting deadlines and riding the waves of budget season and year-end, suddenly the pay was not worth the misery. It’s important to love what you do. I had the courage to step outside of the box and embrace my entrepreneurial spirit rather than the life others expected of me, to pursue my passion and chase my dreams.


In 2009, I took a leap of faith to walk away from my accounting career to pursue something I was more passionate about. A few short months later I launched my photography business MazPix Photography. A couple months into my business launch, I stumbled upon an opportunity to work freelance at Bella Baby Photography taking newborn photos at Advocate Bromenn Hospital. After two years working as a part-time photographer, I took on a managerial role. During my 6.5 years with Bella Baby, I helped grow the area from one hospital to 19 and managed 35 photographers. In 2017, Bella Baby did a restructure and I found myself unexpectedly unemployed except for MazPix Photography which was growing steadily, but not enough to support a growing boy as a single mom. I stepped up to this unexpected challenge and found the opportunity to be a publisher for Best Version Media, which I have built three magazines from the ground up during my time with them.

During this time I have met with hundreds of businesses. People look at me as a connector in our community as I bring people together daily. It is my role as publisher to pair up my clients with my readers, but the opportunity also presents itself to pair up business owners with other business owners (client or not) creating opportunity for partnerships and growth for everyone. I have also made connections with other media members to collaborate to ensure that my clients marketing message is consistent across all platforms even those that I do not personally offer.


I am here to be a genuine business partner, another set of eyes, ears and voice for our local businesses.


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