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Keys to a Successful Marketing Plan

REVEALED! Keys to a Successful Marketing Plan

 By Steph Mazanowski

REVEALED! Keys to a Successful Marketing Plan


Attention: Business Owners


When it comes to marketing your business, do you ever feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the walls and hoping something sticks, only for it to slide on down the wall into a useless mess? Do you feel like every form of marketing you try is a waste of your company’s hard-earned profits? Do you spend hours trying to track what method of advertising brought a customer to you? Do you feel awesome at your craft, but clueless when it comes to letting people know about it? If you are constantly changing up your marketing efforts, spending too much time trying to track what works and what doesn’t, or just simply have no clue where to start, this information is for you!


Why I am publishing this information:


Over the years of doing what I do, I have met with thousands of business owners. I can group them into four common categories. Occasionally, I run across a business owner who truly ‘gets it’ when it comes to marketing their business. I sure do love those business owners! There are also a good number of businesses who know they need to market their business and are actively looking for places to align their brand. There is yet another group who know they need to advertise, but just haven’t done so for various reasons and have just been flying by the seat of their pants, relying on word of mouth, taking their business day-to-day without a plan and will likely be ‘up a creek’ when the pipeline runs dry. And then there is a final group of businesses out there who do not even know they SHOULD be marketing. They see marketing as an expense instead of an investment in the future success of the business or think that they are ‘good’ with ‘word of mouth’ and posting on Facebook. I have already witnessed a few handfuls of this last category post their first advertisement on their door… that stated ‘Going out of Business’ because truly, if no one knows you’re in business, you’re not in business.


So, with all of that in mind, I have created this free report. I have based it on my experience, articles and books I have read, and just general

knowledge from studying Marketing as a whole. Consider this that little report of information you wish someone would have taught you in school instead of being forced to learn Calculus. Because when have you ever needed to know Calculus again in your lifetime? Except maybe when you actually had to teach it to your own kids while home schooling during COVID?!


Well, now you have it, a gift from me, in hopes of filling in some gaps and helping you all be more prepared for a marketing plan going into next year.


Sign up here to receive your copy of Keys to Creating a Successful Marketing Plan including the Top 7 Marketing Mistakes, A Marketing Audit Checklist to help you audit your current strategy, a diagram of The Buying Box to help explain the buying process and 15 Marketing Tips to consider as you plan your 2022 budget.


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Of course, I cannot possibly cover everything here, and the strategies may vary depending on each business’ needs, but if you find this information helpful, this is just the beginning. I am more than happy to set up a 30-60-minute meeting with you to help you look at some marketing strategies that will help you reach your own business goals.

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