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"When you're first setting your marketing budget and navigating the best use of your time and financial resources, it can be overwhelming and sometimes hard to put a guesstimated value on the return on your investment.  Look no further than Stephanie Mazanowski and Best Version Media!  You may be most interested in the print and online media marketing opportunities at a first glance, but what you'll gain from a partnership with Steph is so much more than that.  It's priceless. Regardless of your budget, do what you can to make this partnership happen!  Steph opens doors and gives you the opportunity to grow.  Opportunity is knocking... What are you waiting for?"   -McKenzi D., Client


Dan-“Hey Kristy, have those magazine ads started running yet?”
Kristy-”Yeah they’ve been running month or two now. Why?”
Dan-”Because I’ve never delivered more flowers to Ironwood or Fox Creek than I am now.”

-Dan & Kristy, Forget Me Not Flowers
-Dan & Kristy, Forget Me Not Flowers


My family and I just moved here from Florida and I saw your photography ad in the North Eastside magazine. I wanted to see what your availability was for senior pictures. I am just LOVING this magazine! It has been such a great resource for things to do and businesses to call as we get acclimated to the area. I have a whole list of businesses I am calling tomorrow for various services that we need associated with buying our new home! Thank you for this great publications!"-Jill H. Resident


I was hesitant to commit to marketing our business through a printed ad such as magazines in this digital age. However, I have had much success with our campaign. It has brought new business in (all ages) and we especially like being featured as an industry expert. Also, we have had numerous people mention and compliment our recent business profile article. -Kristin Peterson, Reliable Pools


I want to make you aware of a small business in the neighborhood. I live in Royal Links and read your magazine every month! I love reading about the families you showcawse and the feature articles on small businesses. I share your stories with my friends so that we can all support small businesses in our community.-Nikki M. Resident


I contacted Stephanie in the winter of 2018 to bring awareness of the launch of Royal Family Kids Camp (RFK), a faith based camp for local foster children ages 6-12 years.  I wanted to obtain a small segment in our neighborhood publication, The Neighbors of Southwest Bloomington, but ended up receiving so much more! Not only did Steph publish the segment on us, she connected us to several community businesses, non-profits, and people.  Here are a few examples:


1. One HUGE attraction at camp is bike riding, and learning to ride, so when Stephanie heard this; she connected us to The West Side Revitalization project and we had 22 bikes donated to the foster children in camp of 2018! 


2. Another area of need was a way to calm children and ease their anxiety at camp registration. Stephanie connected us to Paw Print Ministries and we were able to have 2 therapy dogs at registration. What a blessing that turned out to be! 


3. Stephanie was asked to be a celebrity bartender at “Jazz up Front“ and donated all of her tips to RFK!! While we visited Stephanie during her debut as a bartender, we met another patron of the establishment who also donated a large amount of money toward camp. We fundraise our entire budget so kids can go to camp at absolutely no cost to their families nor to state of Illinois. This selfless act of service by Stephanie allowed two foster children to come to camp that year! 


4. Our most recent connection is currently in development but RFK needs a storage space donated, or reduced in price, to contain all of our camp supplies throughout the year. She has reached out to a local storage center and they are willing to discuss the use of their facility. This saves us so much money and allows more kids to attend camp! 


As you can see, Steph has jumped on board with RFK and her willingness to serve and love our local foster kids has been a tremendous blessing. She has gone above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. My initial contact with her was to just bring awareness of RFK to our community but it’s turned into a wonderful partnership with a great lady.

Treat people royally in the name of Jesus,

Wendy Carlton

Blo-No RFK Camp Director (camp #362)


Steph has been a member of our Coop since February 2018. In the short time that she has been a part of our group, she has helped many. Steph as a vast knowledge of local businesses not only in McLean County but throughout Central Illinois. She has used that knowledge for the benefit of others. Numerous members of The Buzz have benefited in many different ways from the connections that Steph has shared with them. Just a simple phone call from Steph has changed the complete direction of some of our members businesses. For some, it has skyrocketed their businesses and been the connection they needed to get things going. It has been wonderful to see the role Steph has played in helping others. -Dustin & Miranda Davis, Area Directors, The Buzz


Steph Mazanowski is one of the most generous people I have met! We were connected through a business networking group called The Buzz and right away we set up a meeting. Not only did she talk to me about her new B-N Sports Magazine, but I left the meeting with about 6 contacts to businesses she thought would benefit me in some way and connected me with them through email. If it weren't for Steph's help, I would not have held my first ever party event, landed my additional part-time job, and so much more! All of this and I haven't even run an ad yet!! Before meeting Steph and becoming a member of The Buzz, I barely had 100 likes on my Facebook page. Now I am up to 700! Steph's tagline says she is "Bringing People Together" and it couldn't be more fitting!! Thank you Steph for all of your help, I will be forever grateful!-Stephanie Davis-The Party Princess Studios


Steph has been one of the most intentional, professional, and guiding people I have ever worked with. She reached out to me to discuss advertising in the local magazine and I agreed to meet with her as a former advertising saleswoman obligation. She immediately had my attention with her charisma, and held it with her knowledge and passion for what she does. 


I am new to Bloomington-Normal, originally from Mid-Missouri, and Steph being so involved in the community has been amazing. We had not planned to do any advertising at all, but absolutely could not turn away from the ideas she put in front of me. Coming to us with an idea, that actually fits our business model so well I cant refuse it, is so incredibly unique. Not only that, she has also introduced me to many other local businesses, events, and somehow on top of all that, more ideas! She is truly an entrepreneur and is so refreshing to see a woman out in the field daily, just making stuff happen for her community.

I feel honored to be a part of the great things she is doing in and am excited to see what is next! -Katie Fudge, Owner, BloNo Pizza Co


As a support of our community, Steph is a devoted advocate for business growth and understands that education and community outreach are some of the most effective methods for improving the community in which we serve. We are very lucky to have Steph as a club advocate and business leader in our community and look forward to her continued work to help build local business and develop community engagement opportunities. She has made a substantial impact on our community and continues to give herself every day to improve business and the quality of life in our community.-Kimberly Wright, Development Director, Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal


Steph is purely amazing at everything she touches !! Very dedicated to giving well beyond expected services and one of the biggest hearts our community is honored to have servicing our people . From taking pictures to running a magazine , she's second to none. -Roxanne Hartrich, RE/MAX & Kara & Kaylee's Kloset



Thank you so much for stopping by today. It was great to see you and catch up! Sounds like you guys have been working hard and coming up with some awesome campaigns for our communities!


Synergy has been seeing great dividends from advertising with you! Our whole goal of jumping into this media of advertising was to attract the "local" community to our "global" vision which has been a struggle for us in the past. Synergy has worked very hard over the last 7 years to offer a unique and valuable service to our local community and have had trouble getting community members to really buy in to what we do. In the short time we have advertised with BVM we have gained some local traction, it's working!  We've had glowing reviews of the business profile that was ran this last fall in the various magazines, both to us personally and through associates of our associates! And while we've already been able to convert one of those reviews into a customer, one is all it takes to get the snowball rolling! 


Thank you for being an asset to our success! As a small business, what you can do for us matters, and we thank you!


All the best!


-Brianna, Synergy Flight Center


Steph is the best! She is professional and genuinely wants to help you grow your business. Steph will help connect you to other businesses to see how you can partner with each other. She is passionate about creating interesting content for her many magazines to inform readers. Steph also is a fabulous photographer and will be happy to take photos for your family, business and real estate listings. Steph is the absolute best!. -Erin Dillard, Luxe Boutique


It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Steph! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steph for the past year as she serves as an Ambassador for the McLean County Chamber of Commerce.

Steph is truly a “connector” in the Bloomington-Normal business community, as she works with a variety of businesses and organizations in the area. She is fantastic at helping those businesses and organizations with their marketing campaigns and connecting them with others who would be of help to them professionally.

Steph is also a talented photographer who can capture beautiful professional headshots, as well as community events.

Steph has been integral in referring potential new members to me in my role as the Membership Development Manager at the McLean County Chamber of Commerce and I appreciate her hard work in promoting the Chamber and all of it’s benefits to the McLean County business community
. -Brooke F., Mclean County Chamber


I met Stephanie when she approached Green Top for advertising in her magazine. Since then, I have grown to know her as a friend and as a community leader. Stephanie will volunteer her time, skills, and materials to ensure a community event goes off without a hitch. She has gathered a group around her of strong community leaders that are working to better the Bloomington/Normal community. She is an asset to local businsses and our community. Stephanie is always positive, warm, and enthusiastic in her mission to bring our community together.-Jenna Donald, Marketing Manager, Green Top Grocery


Steph is a great resource and has been a joy to work with while we work to expand our presence into the Bloomington market! -Jonathan DeNeal-Picture Perfect Technologies


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