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X's & O's of Sports Sponsorship

by Owner Steph Mazanowski

B-N Sports Marketing

At a time where traditional marketing is no longer generating the same return as it used to, brands are beginning to shift their marketing dollars to sports sponsorship.

Let’s take a look into another chapter of the Marketing Playbook…Sports Sponsorship. Research shows that nearly 3 in 4 adults played a sport when they were younger (73%) and 1 in 4 still play as adults. The statistics are staying consistent as 72% of parents have at least one child in a sport. Even if you don’t even like sports, I bet you have still found yourself at the stadium or in front of the tv because someone you care about is into it. However, whereever, and why you watch doesn’t matter. What you’re actually doing is connecting with people. Sports are the epitome of relationships.


It’s not just a game, it’s a reason… to get together, to unite, to talk with people we don’t normally talk to. An excuse to get together with friends and family. Sports unite large groups of people together in a way that nothing else can. Whether you are cheering on your favorite team from the stands, or on the field with your teammates, the ultimate goal is winning. All differences are set aside. Suddenly race, religion, and political views are not a factor. Suddenly everyone has something in common.


Together, you experience the butterflies and sweaty palms as the clock ticks down in a close game. Together, you experience the emotion of overcoming and achieving success. Together, your hearts sink after a crushing defeat. Together, you get lost in the passion of the game and are engrossed in the moment, cheering proudly with those around you whether you know them well or not. Together you build memories that last forever.


Sports fans are some of the most die-hard, loyal, emotional and engaged audience you will ever find. Sponsoring sports reaches and engages with people on an emotional level. At a time where traditional marketing is no longer generating the same return as it used to, brands are beginning to shift their marketing dollars to sports sponsorship. It may not be a sole solution, however when a part of the marketing mix, it is a great way to increase awareness about your company’s products and services.


Whether it be a general sponsorship or putting your logo on the back of a specific team shirt, on field signage, or a website ad, you will be in front of an engaged crowd for an hour or more at a time. Most other methods of advertising, your brand is only in front of your audience for split seconds. The entire game, the fans see you aligning your brand with good in your community and supporting our future leaders as they learn and develop skill sets that will carry them through life.

Sports sponsorship is an effective way to promote your brand, drive traffic, and reach target consumers on a more meaningful level. It is a welcomed form of advertising. In most settings consumers are inclined to tune out advertising, but sports sponsorships are a positive and engaging way to integrate your brand into the community. Parents like to see companies supporting local sporting events and it builds a sense of goodwill and instills loyalty.


At a time where local sports coverage is dwindling, we have recently launched, a place where parents, fans and coaches are able to hop on and submit their own stories. It is the newest innovation of sports reporting and is helping local athletes gain the coverage and exposure they deserve and are otherwise lacking. Fans are sticking around on the local page for up to an hour as they read about our local athletes. This activity indicates that the website paired with our targeted print is an effective way to ensure your brand is seen while showing your support of ALL local sports at the same time.

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