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Marketing through Education

by Owner Steph Mazanowski

Content Marketing

Effective storytelling and educating your target audience over time is going to play a pivotal role in this year’s marketing campaigns.

The days of creating a brand, getting your name out there and expecting it to sell are over. In 2022, marketing will be about creating an effective brand through compelling stories and educating your clients through meaningful content.


Become an educator. In the past marketing was about selling products and services. Today that role has changed. Customers want more information, not just a hard sell. Set yourself apart from your competition by being the one who provides educational content about your industry and answers all of their questions.


In the past, effective marketing tactics included the creation of ads targeted at specific audiences through hashtags and key words on social media. Marketing in 2022 is going to entail some risk-taking. Effective marketing requires more long-term thinking. Effective storytelling and educating your target audience over time is going to play a pivotal role in this year’s marketing campaigns.


The days of a hard sell on social media are gone, which is why leading with a story driven approach has become so important. Social media is still going to be important as the average person spends hours scrolling daily, however, people scroll through so quickly that it has become difficult for businesses to capture attention for extended periods of time. Due to this quick scrolling, it is important to at least have high quality images and videos to capture their initial attention, then once they click, they should be directed to your website full of educational content and stories.


Build relationships and provide value before pitching your products or services. Customers no longer want to be sold to. The future of marketing isn’t about selling, but rather about focusing on the customer’s needs and helping them solve their problems. Understanding the customers’ needs helps a business create long-term relationships with them. This moves a sale from a transactional one into one based on loyalty, increasing the chances of repeat business.


When selecting which medium to align your brand with, it is important to consider those that give you a platform for your content. There has become so much noise in the marketing world, which is making it harder and harder to find ways to cut your message through that clutter. Content marketing will be the most important strategy to incorporate into your 2022 marketing mix. Content is such a powerful means of engaging with customers and building their trust. Splashing customers with periodic content will help you build credibility over time.


If you are still looking for the best way to market your business in 2022, look no further. We have opportunities in a variety of industries for you to be seen as the expert contributor. Let’s explore whether it is a good mutual fit for you to align your brand with our All-Encompassing Community Sponsorship that promotes ‘shop local,’ highlights local charities, and supports local sports all while giving you a space for your meaningful content.

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